New Radicalisms

New Radicalisms is a four-day festival to explore shared identities, digital realities and cultures of the in-between. From the 30th of June to the 3rd of July, widespread diasporic voices from or somehow related to the WANA region (West Asia and North Africa) will gather in Rotterdam to activate the starting question of this second edition: “but… where are you really from?”.

A common question to some, and a rare one for others, the festival is an opportunity to bring complexity to this sometimes endearing, but most of the time disorienting question. What would you rather be asked instead of “where are you really from”? What answers can be imagined instead of the ones expected? What definitions of belonging can be proposed? How does your answer change depending on the context? How do our digitized personas disrupt this question?

Together alongside invited artists, designers, thinkers, musicians and activists, we invite you to join the hosted talks, lectures, workshops and performances and contribute to our shared festival space of being together.