New Radicalisms

raghoul (gbw9 & 3xOJ)

gbw9 is a self-proclaimed babydj and 1/2 of raghoul - a multidisciplinary bass culture focused label based between Morocco and the Netherlands. In 2021, they made their first appearance as gbw9 during Kigagne, a Moroccan DIY club night they co-host together with leith and 3xOJ. Their sound is a nod to their upbringing between cultures in which they challenge what it means to be of one today. These sounds include but are definitely not limited to bubbling, deconstructed club, and neoperreo.

3xOJ is a Meknes-raised, Casablanca-based (Morocco) electronic music DJ and producer that can best be described as an all-round self-taught creative. His approach to music history and theory has brought him in contact with a wide range of styles and influences that he has learned to weave together with his love for contemporary club culture.

Saturday 02/07 - 01.00 - 02.30
Location MONO

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