New Radicalisms

Super Coco Noor

Super Coco Noor is an image researcher, amateur archivist and writer. In her practice she is investigating the politics of the shutter. The starting point of this practice is that working with image archives means that you operate in place of the camera (hand-held) of the powerful, becoming complicit in narratives of erasure. By looking at the image as a scene of muscular tension between the eye, the hand and the voice; the shutter becomes clearly not just a technology of capturing/freezing but a method of operating/moving/acting under the pressure of the lens. How can techniques of montage then unfold the complex handling of the camera not only as held by hand, but as operated through many possible and impossible tele-powers such as snapping, slapping, clapping, or hiding?

Performance: I miss your other eyes - عينيك التّانية وحشتني
Friday 01/07 - 21.30 - 22.15
Location Garage

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