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Opening performance: Cairo Critical Cabaret: 'Cabaret of the Colonies'

Opening performance: Cairo Critical Cabaret: 'Cabaret of the Colonies'

By Adham Hafez / HaRaKa Platform

Thursday 30/06 19:00 - 20:00
Location: MONO

HaRaKa Platform presents the ‘Cabaret of the Colonies’, straddling humor, glamor, trash and political angst all at once. After years of playing with the convention, aesthetics and forms of political-cabaret, a genre that shaped contemporary performance in the Egyptian theater canon, HaRaKa Platform started exploring cabaret as a platform for urgent political questions. Cairo Critical Cabaret offers a platform to discuss colonialism, visa, borders, and cultural hegemony. Directed by Adham Hafez, and set to the visual score by Harshini Karunartne, HaRaKa Platform brings to Rotterdam this new edition from their cabaret series, with the title ‘Cabaret of the Colonies’. Bring your worst border-crossing story and join us for the show.

Performance, text, directing: Adham Hafez
Visual score and live projections: Harshini Karunaratne
Paintings: Manar Abdelmaaboud
Cairo videos: Lamia Gouda, Mona Gamil
Data Analysis: Adam Kucharski
Music: Zuli, Adham Hafez, Nader Hafez and guests
Costumes: Redaa Gharib, and Monzlapur New York

Managing Director: Marwa Seoudi
Production of HaRaKa Platform
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