New Radicalisms

Artist talk & Workshop: Imaginary Places 

Artist talk & Workshop: Imaginary Places 
Thursday 30/06 13:00 - 15:00
Location: GARAGE

For this special afternoon, we invite Muhcine Ennou, a digital artist who, with his endless curiosity, has turned himself into a master of photography, CGI and film. With his wide-ranging skill-set, he does not like to be limited to certain categories and playfully moves between interdisciplinary crossovers. He likes to mix analogue and digital techniques, which gives him the ability to create worlds that move between the recognisable and the imaginary. With over 25K followers already, he inspires many young designers both in Morocco and far beyond. During his artist talk, he will take the audience into his wonderful reality which merges inextricably with fiction. It is a world in which he frees himself from stereotypes and transcends questions of identity. The talk will be followed by a workshop supported by Salim Bayri and Ghita Skali.

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