New Radicalisms

Panel talk: but... where are you really from? 

Panel talk: but... where are you really from? 

w/ Shirin Mirachor, Hilda Moucharrafieh, Salim Bayri - moderated Mayis Rukel.

Thursday 30/06 20:00 - 21:00
Location: GARAGE

For its second edition, New Radicalisms takes as a starting point the inquisitive question “but… where are you really from?”. This question may arise from genuine curiosity regarding differences or search for similarities, as much as it undeniably conceals a deep trench between people and pulls to the surface the tensions in questionable dichotomies of the local/foreigner, autochtoon/allochtoon, alien/native, عربي/ نصراني, us/them, expat/immigrant, بلدي/ رومي, or guest/host, lower/higher class. This question usually pops up in the middle of an encounter when the answer to “where are you from?” doesn’t seem to be enough. When your interlocutor detects an unsolved sign of foreignness in you, the “really” is added to drill deeper into the discomfort of being seen as a stranger and explaining your presence. Together with the artistic team of (A)WAKE, we will discuss the framework of the festival while unraveling subjects such as the meaning of being local, (mixed) cultural heritage, transnational solidarities, and our agency and role within digital culture. 

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