New Radicalisms

Panel talk: Strategies of urgencies 

Panel talk: Strategies of urgencies 
Friday 01/07 19:30 - 21:00
Location: GARAGE

During this session we will talk to two artists living in the diaspora about artistic methods for making urgent political situations known to the public. The invited artists are all rooted in different regions and political realities within the West Asian and North African landscape. The artistic practice of visual activist Saeeda Saeed, living between Maastricht and Sweden platforms for guerrilla communication that transgress Saudi state-controlled media. Based in Rotterdam, Diana Al-Halabi’s artistic practice is a continuous protest against hierarchical and patriarchal systems of oppression. In this 1,5 hour we will get introduced with two different artist practices that all have their own method in making complex and urgent political issues known and debatable.

This program is with special support of CBK Rotterdam

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